Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Some days I dress...

like I work in an office... 
other days I don't... 
below is one of those days... 
My go-to outfit for work is definitely a dress of some description over leggings/stockings with a belt...
That's actually what I'm wearing today.. though not this particular dress.. tho I am wearing the same belt!
 Dress: ASDA; Stockings: Internacionale; Belt: Thrifted; Boots: Department Store, Taiwan; Necklace: Old..
 I love these boots because they actually FIT me!! And I didn't need to get them stretched or anything!! (small miracle!) Tho... the buckles have a tendency to attack my stockings and many a pair of stockings have been ruined by them... *sigh*... I took them to get re-heeled a while ago and the lovely folk at Timpsons also filled in all the gauges I'd managed to take out of it and put a new coat of something on them to make them look fabulous again.. (tho you can see I've managed to dent them already.. don't ask me how I manage to take a chunk of of the side of my heel... I'm talented like that... - I blame escalators - )
xx Caz

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. I think it's cool of you to have a little pizzazz around the office! I love colored tights :) I would wear them everyday except right now it's about 95 degrees, hehe. But I think you look adorable!

  2. Thanks ladies!!

    Katie - I bought bright yellow tights a while ago.. just waiting for an occasion to wear them! :D Coloured tights are so fun!

  3. So cute! I love the belt and those boots look so comfy!!

  4. Love this look on you Caz!

  5. Thanks girls!!

    Sherry - the boots ARE super comfy!


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