Saturday, 16 July 2011

London Weekend - the aWkwaRd phOtO shOOt eDitiOn ~

After our Saturday out and about, I realised I hadn't taken any photos with my loverly Sok!!
So when we got back to her apartment, we decided to have a photo shoot.. muaahaha
She insisted on having photos taken with her tomato plants! O_o 
 I then decided lunging for her and pretending to throttle her would be funny... hehehe... (awkward much?!)

 We then decided to have a "nice" photo... Seated all prim and proper... Like "the Royals" - says Sok...
Of course, I couldn't resist doing something ridiculous... hehehehe
Then Sok got in on it too!! There's a reason we've been friends almost 20 years!! Muaahahaha
Love you Sok!!!!
Thanks for being a super duper friend for 19 years, I hope we have many many more years of friendship to come!! (I wouldn't let you stop being friends with me anyways.. just sayin' - you know it's true!)

How do I know we will be friends forever? We have gone on lots of trips together and travelled extensively together and managed to not kill each other or even have any fights or arguments.. she knows to keep me well fed and rested so I don't get grumpy.. and if I do, she just let's me get on with it.. :D

xx Caz                       You're AWESOME!!

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