Sunday, 24 July 2011

More About Friendships

I was originally going to post this at the end of my last post, but decided I didn't want to tarnish such a happy and celebratory post with something negative...

So, I am feeling especially grateful for the wonderful friends I have because of a comment that was made on crackbook about something that happened earlier in the day yesterday... (removed from the wedding)  I didn't even know about it until JGP brought it up after we got back from the wedding.. and I'm glad we didn't have to deal with it earlier and have it tarnish the day.. the comment made was really unnecessary.. and JGP found it really hurtful that someone he considered a close friend would make that kind of remark.. which is what really irks me about the whole situation.. I personally couldn't care less what this person thinks of me... we have a mutual dislike for each other, which is fine...

I do not feel the need to be friends with everyone.. I know I am not necessarily an easy person to be friends with.. I can be stubborn and far too outspoken for most people's comfort/liking.. and I am ok with that.. I am who I am and in the same sense that there are people I don't like, there are people who don't like me.. and as long as we just stay out of each other's way then I don't really see the problem with it..

It always gets my back up if people trash talk my friends and especially people that are really close to me.. and even more so when it is someone I consider to be kind, generous and loyal to a fault.. to take a dig at someone who will absolutely bend over backwards to help out his friends I think shows more about the accuser's true character than anything..

Anyways.. I have since removed the person from crackbook because quite frankly I have better things to do with my time than be concerned with that they have to say..  and the whole situation made me think of this picture which I saw over at Moske Monkey Business a while ago...
xx Caz


  1. I love the quote. It's what we should all be trying to live by more ^-^

  2. Yeah girl! You are awesome and you seem like you would be an awesome friend, and if we lived near each other we'd be going on adventures and eating frozen yogurt all the time. If someone was rude to you or your friends then I am really sorry! Good for you for being loyal and sticking for them. You definitely don't need that kind of negative energy in your life, you know?

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Jagiri - I think so! It is really the people who have stood the test of time that really matter in the world..

    Katie - Thanks lady! I would love to live closer for adventures and frozen yoghurt eating!! And I absolutely know!! xx

  4. LOVE the quote. That is definitely one to remember.

  5. Thanks Ashley. I absolutely agree.


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