Friday, 8 July 2011

Naked on a Calorific Friday!

So, along with the aforementioned bacon & egg roll this morning... We have also been treated to sweet treats because one of my colleagues is going on holiday for two weeks... (we seriously take/make any excuse to get people to bring/buy cakes/sweet at any opportunity!) birthdays - cakes!, going on holiday - cakes!, just because the bossmans feels like it - CAKES! or one time we had ice lollies... It's no wonder I don't fit any of my old trousers anymore!!!

Anywhos... I was running late this morning and in my rush to get to work on time.. I left ALL my jewellery AT HOME!!! GAHHHHHH!! I had even packed a necklace and some earrings in little ziplock bags ready to go in my toiletries bag.. but I have a feeling I left them on my dresser... along with the rings I always wear and the earrings I'd planned on wearing... the nakedness really stems from not having my rings on... and it's making me not feel very well to know that I won't have them all weekend.. as I'm leaving early from work straight to the train station... gah... am I being a big weirdo??  I think I'm going to go to the charity shop at lunchtime to see if I can at least pick up a necklace and maybe some cheapo rings.. because my hands seriously feel so N.A.K.E.D and just... n.o.t... r.i.g.h.t.

Do you get this?? Do you have jewellery you feel naked without?? At least I have my watch on I suppose...I think I'd really feel out of sorts if I had no watch AND no jewellery!
xx Caz


  1. Whoa, what is an ice lollie?!? That sounds amazing! Like, a frozen lollipop? Holy cow!

    I totally know how you feel- I hate it when I forget my rings especially! And periodically throughout the day I will look down at my hands and forget that I left them at home and freak out because I think I've dropped them down the drain or something. I hope you can find a temporary replacement!

  2. A frozen lollipop would be amazing! But an ice lollie is just what the Scots call ice cream.. or like ice blocks.. I guess what the North Americans would probably call popsicles... Though it seems any ice cream on a stick qualifies as an ice lolly here!

    I never did find a replacement, so I went jewellery'less all weekend.. it was very strange!! I am definitely glad to have my rings back on today!


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