Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What's the biggest risk you've ever taken?

One of the questions on MTV's 1 girl 5 gays*...

One of the answers:  "Having unprotected sex" 

Maybe it is more an issue in the gay community but I think it is definitely an "issue"..  and it is totally an unnecessary risk that I think so many of us take...  and yes it can be super awkward "in the moment".. or really just super awkward in general.. but (to sound like a safe sex ad) it really only takes once to put yourself at risk... and considering there's STD's (STI's? what's the correct term these days??) that can affect you for life and affect your ability to have children (for those that way inclined).. it's completely not worth it.. 

As the years have gone by and I hear about friends who have had scares and who have had to go through treatments and various other things, I realise how lucky I am to not have had to go through those things...

So, love yourself, respect yourself and respect your partner as well... unless you are in a committed relationship and both of you have been given a clean bill of health.... then...

"No Glove, No Love"!!
Or head along HERE for 24 other hilarious slogans!! "Don't make a mistake, Muzzle your snake" Priceless!!

Here's a fun Durex commercial from 2009 for some light entertainment after a somewhat "serious" post..

I'm not sure why it made such an impact that I felt the need to blog about it...

maybe I'm growing up or getting old or something...??
xx Caz

*I don't usually watch MTV, but I'm in a cable'less house right now and MTV is one of the 5 channels that I get on the TV... along with CMT and CTV News... I got sick of the CTV news loop and I'm not really one for country music so MTV usually ends up on the TV for background noise... Don't judge me, ok??


  1. Remember that time you got that weird rash from the bowling alley ... You can never be too careful kids!

  2. PSP - :D
    Bowling alley?? Is this one of those "my friend" moments???


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