Monday, 22 August 2011

Word Wonders: Bow

So I was just getting my weekly dose of Extra Ordinary and one of the comments on this week's edition is about the word "bow" because it is both a homophone (sound the same but have different spellings or meanings) and a heteronym (same spelling, different pronunciation)... and because I am a big giant geeky nerd I immediately got to thinking about the different uses and meanings...

to bow - verb, to bend at the waist
bow - /ˈbaʊ/ - noun, to bend at the waist ie. to take a bow
bow - /ˈbaʊ/ - noun, the fore of a ship
bow - /ˈboʊ/ - noun, an archery weapon used with an arrow
bow - /ˈboʊ/ - noun, a kind of knot ie. to tie a bow
bow - /ˈboʊ/ - noun, something you use to play a stringed instrument

Can you think of any other crazy word wonders??

I have been posting the weirdest stuff since I've been on vacay, no?? I promise there will be outfits and recipes coming soon!! I have actually been getting dressed each day and done some random spots of cooking and baking... I just haven't got around to getting photos up... I have been regaling a few travel tales I would love to share with you all as well... but for now, it's bed time!!

xx CazHope you had a great weekend and are having a good start to the week!


  1. I love this! Words are so odd and yet I'm always fascinated by them!

    A couple random favorites of mine:

    I hadn't ever given much thought to the word bow- it's absolutely fascinating! Great post pretty lady!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. I love words.. they can be so fun!

    Ooooh desultory.. I didn't know that one... had to look it up! Describes me to a T!! :D

    I really like discombobulated... just because it's super fun to say! ; )


  3. More word posts! The geek in me approves

  4. HAHAHAHA.. the funny thing is I was sitting around trying to think up other words to post about... 3#nerdAlert!! :D



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