Saturday, 3 September 2011

Summer Funventures!

Hi there!!
Do y'all still remember me??
I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I posted something on this little blog'o'mine!!
My Summer Vacay has been busy busy and since the mister arrived a bit more than a week ago, it has been super duper insane busy!
I haven't even had time to get my photos off my camera! Which I should really do..

We have been having loads of funventures around Vancouver Island... we spent a weekend at Strathcona Park Loge for KV&JH's GORgeous wedding... cabin 11, which we shared with 9 of my beautiful friends had its own little beach and firepit... the view was stunning and the entire weekend was the most amazing time... there's nothing quite like spending your evenings in front of a campfire!
Cabin 11 Crew
We have eaten our way around my fave spots in Victoria and took a day to tour Salt Spring Island where we hit 2 wineries, a few local artists studios and ate lots of yummy samples at the farmer's market!

We are now back on the mainland... after a major EPIC FAIL wherein I sent M to Horseshoe Bay to pick us up but we actually arrived at Twsawwassen.... if you look up the distance on google maps you will understand the epicness of my FAIL.... then he sat in traffic for two hours to come get us to take us to the airport so we could pick up our hire car then for us to follow him home, but he dropped us at the airport, then left... and it wasn't until I saw him driving off that I had the brainwave that.. HEY... he's suppose to wait for us!! FAIL FAIL FAIL!!  ANYwhos... we found them eventually!!

After our adventures picking up the hire car and a night spent in Maple Ridge with M&T  we are now up in Whistler...

Well... the mister has just woken up... so I guess I should be getting on with my day! I hope y'all are having a great summer (or winter for those in the southern hemisphere)!
xx Caz
Hopefully I will be back soon with photos of some of our funventures!!


  1. Thanks for coming to our wedding Cazzie. We had an amazing time and I'm glad to hear you did too :) xo

  2. :D Thanks Vergie! We had a great time! Hope you guys enjoyed your minimoon! Pity we didn't get to see you again before we left.. Maybe see you guys back in the UK sometime? XX


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