Monday, 3 October 2011

Gymming It - Exercise Diary 1.

So, I finally took my measurements last Friday... it's actually really hard to measure yourself!!

I also thought it would be good to keep a diary of the exercises I have been doing.. mainly for me.. but as I'm too lazy to actually hand write it in a proper journal, I thought I would share it in my "virtual" journal and as an aside share it with you all too!! Lucky you!! :D  I'm also after some inspiration for new things to do!!

1st Gym Session - with PT - Monday 19th Sept

5min bike to warm up

12 reps dumbell bench press
12 reps bent over row
12 lunge & twist
12 dumbell squat with overhead press
12 dumbell curl and overhead press

3 rounds

10 swiss ball sit ups
10 swiss ball passes
10 swiss ball reverse crunch

2 rounds (I was supposed to do 3, but I wasn't feeling good and I tweaked my shoulder)
2nd Gym Session - Monday 26th

10min bike to warm up

Same exercises as the 1st session with PT except I did 3 rounds of the mat exercises but did not do any of the reverse crunches.

5min bike cool down
3rd Gym Session - with PT - Wednesday 27th

10min cross trainer to warm up

12 medicine ball squat & jump with shoulder press (these are seriously the most evil exercise known to man! - well... aside from maybe sitting on the wall.... )
12 medicine ball lunge with shoulder press
20 second chin up, rest 10 second chin up (these are like the arm equivalents of sitting on the wall... feel the BURN!!)
12 bench reverse crunch (these are the ones I really struggled with...)
12 bench pullover holding a barbell weight (I needed help with these! my elbows kept wanting to buckle!)
10 cable machine punch, on each side

3 rounds

5mins bike cool down
4th Gym Session - Monday 3rd Oct

15mins cross trainer warm up

15 reps dumbell bench press
15 reps bent over row
12 lunge & twist
12 dumbell squat with overhead press
15 dumbell curl and overhead press
10 bench reverse crunch

2 rounds

5min bike cool down

The last two sessions I have been wearing my sketchers tone up trainers.
Not sure I can say I have felt a major difference but I am also used to wearing FitFlop flip flops and trainers.

xx CazI think my major downfall is my eating habits... I don't eat majorly unhealthy.. but I have a severe weakness for potato chips and junk food in general!

What kind of exercises do you do when you're at the gym??  I'm after some inspiration for when I'm at the gym without a PT.. I get bored of doing the same things all the time...

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