Sunday, 18 September 2011

A note about Google Reader...

Now for those of you not aware of my love of Google Reader... I wrote an ode to him a while ago...

But while I have been on my Summer Vacay/Blogging Hiatus... I have noticed a small flaw... well I consider it a flaw... some might consider it a blessing...

I was surprised after almost 2 months off, that I only had about (700) unread posts... Then I thought I was doing really well with my catch up reading as the number seemed to quickly dwindle.... but thennnn I realised something.... a blog that previously had (5) next to it... dropped down to (4).. and I hadn't read any entries...

After some investigation, I realised the particular blog had probably over 10 posts I hadn't read... but they were no longer marked as unread and I could also not manually mark then as unread... I can only assume that after a certain amount of time (I think a month), Google Reader automatically kicks it off the list and marks it off as "read".... which could be a small blessing in disguise, as I'm sure if I opened my gReader and saw (1000+) unread, I'd probably just get overwhelmed and shut it down again... but on the other hand... I'm a bit annoyed as I didn't know that was its default, and therefore I don't know if I can turn this option on and off or not??

Also, now I feel like I don't know if I've missed some of your fantastic posts while I've been gone! If yours was a blog I "caught up on" before I realised, I hope I haven't missed out on any major announcements.. I'm now reading all blogs on the "all posts" option rather than the "new posts" option... which is probably a slow and gruesome process.. but I'm back from vacay and jobless, so I will have lots of time to fill in the coming weeks!!

So, I guess... if someone knows how I can change the settings in gReader, I would be interested to find out! What do you use to keep up with the blogs you read?? Any recommendations??

Hope you're having a great weekend!!

xx Caz
We just got back from a 2.30am run to the supermarket because I was craving Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Curiously Cinnamon)... hehehehe...  all I can say is you see some strange people at the supermarket at 2.30am!! There was a very well dressed couple (ie. black tie) and some very scruffy looking boys and another few in trackies... the staff were rather entertaining with one guy singing loudly to Valerie... and just general disarray as they restocked the shelves!  Gotta love midnight supermarket runs!!

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