Sunday, 6 November 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone Case Review

So I got a new phone recently... Not really because I really wanted to.. but as the screen on my old Nokia 6600 has died for a second time and I wasn't keen to repeat the experience of spending £50 to get it fixed, I decided it was time to upgrade and join the smartphone age...

After ruling out iPhones (I have a thing against iThings.. I own one iThing... it is a black, first gen ipod nano) and Blackberries (I don't like the teeny tiny keys)...  I was pretty much left with Samsungs... so far Nokia smartphones haven't garnished the best reviews... (the much heralded N8 was a flash in the pan with loads of complaints about its operating system)... Sony Ericssons, to me, have the most counter intuitive user interface I've ever come across on a mobile phone of ANY kind... I considered getting an HTC.. well, I considered getting my mother to go and buy me an HTC in Taiwan and sending it to me.. but considering she still uses her old Motorola v150/220 (I don't even think her one has a colour screen!) I thought sending her into a store full of smartphones might just be a bit overwhelming... or probably just too confusing!  Couple that with international shipping with insurance and the love of Royal Mail to charge me tax on anything I get sent in from overseas.. I figure it'd cost just the same for me to get the phone here.... and when Lou mentioned the weight difference between her S2 and JP's HTC, I was pretty much sold on the S2...

Let me just say, this phone feels impossibly thin and light! For some reason, mine came without a manual and I've had to google a few things but I've managed to find my way around it without too much hassle... 

But I digress....  I love my phone so much, that I went a bit crazy buying cases for it... I might have bought 4 cases at once... I started the search and couldn't pick just one... and seeing as they were "only" £4 each.. I thought I'd get them, and if I didn't like any of them... I could always send em back... riiiiight??? Each of the cases also came with a 'free' screen protector & 'polishing cloth'...

Anywhos... in anticipation of Sok also getting her S2... I thought I'd do a little post about the cases I got for mine to help her decide on a case for her phone... :)

This is definitely my "novelty" phone case.. it's full silicone and adds quite a bit of bulk to the phone (you can see how much thicker it is side on if you compare it to the top photo without a case), it is also the only case that wraps around the full front of the screen.. it's fun, but I highly doubt I'd use it as a day to day case... (It is also red, taking photos on the couch via lamp light = not the best lighting conditions!)

This is probably my favourite case, it's slim, hardly adds any bulk to the phone and feels quite tough, it is also the only case that doesn't wrap at top and bottom and has physical cut outs for the volume and power switches on each side. It comes in a variety of colours but I like the black with the white of the phone showing through...

This case is half plastic, half silicone, I like that is has textured sides... makes it feel like I'm less likely to drop it... this one also comes in a variety of colours but I like blue... I think the cases would also look darker if they were used with the black phone rather than white...

This is the case I have on my phone at the moment, as you can see, it's a hard plastic inner with almost like a rubber paint on top, again, it doesn't add much bulk to the phone and wraps all the way around. The paint isn't of the best quality and I've noticed parts of it are starting to rub/chip off already.. but I love the pattern, and there's plenty of colours and pictures to choose from.

So there you have it... a quick review on potential cases... do you have an S2?? What kinda case do you have for it??  What do you think of my choices??

If you want to read a cute advertorial about the phone (or just read some super cute comic strips), visit Miao & WafuPafu...  I am currently addicted to swype... it makes texting so much faster and easier!! I've yet to figure out how to use the voice command... but I'm slowly getting there!!

xx Caz[I had to google to try and find my mum's phone.. and if you want to take a wander down cellphone memory lane... click here.. Funny how for the longest time, it was about making phones smaller and smaller... and now it's gone to making them thinner with bigger screens..]


  1. Oooh! Yay for new phones! I have to say I agree completely about the iphones... I actually had a dream last night I was arguing with someone about why I'd never get an iphone! I'm a blackberry girl, but I do understand about the buttons-- they're TEENY!

    Now, about those cases... I'm absolutely, positive in LOVE with the "now panic and freak out" one... I'm going to have to see if they make one for my phone! It's so cute, and ORANGE- which is my favorite color! =)

    <3 <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. Nevermind about orange... I just re-read your post and saw that you said it's actually red... Oops!

  3. LOL.. I have yet to see that cover in any colour apart from red... but you never know!!

    I haven't seen too many blackberry covers to be honest... Do people put covers on their BBs??

    My fingers are wayy too fat for me to have a BB! :D


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