Monday, 12 March 2012

11 Dish Dinner!

Let me just say, the one thing I always miss when I'm away from Taiwan is the food here... Anything you want is easily accessible... at just about any hour of the day... and/or night!! From street stalls to Michelin stars and everything in between, you can be guaranteed that you'll never go hungry!

The momster and I were around 公館 (GongGuan) running some errands and decided to wander around to see what we could find to eat... We ended up eating 10 11 different dishes for dinner...that's right... TEN ELEVEN!!

We started with 大腸麵線 (wiki call it 'vermicelli with large intestine'.. not overly appetising sounding! haha) and 臭豆腐 (Stinky tofu) from a corner street cart... both dishes were delicious! The vermicelli with a splash of vinegar.. the intestine was tender and not overly chewy... the stinky tofu could have been a little bit more crisp on the outside but if you got the bits that hadn't been sitting in the sauce.. there really were no complaints!
Stinky Tofu

We were then enticed into a store by beef soup and the promise of 蔥油餅 (green onion pancake)... We also ordered a  餡餅 (beef pastie)... All of which were decidedly sub-par and deemed a waste of precious stomach space...
Unexceptional beef soup, onion pancake and beef pastie...
I had seen loads of people carrying around cups of bubble tea with this dude's face on... with some people even carrying 4 or 5 cups at a time... I was curious... so we asked someone on the street and they directed us to 陳三鼎黑糖黑青蛙撞奶, where I witnessed the longest line I had EVER seen for bubble tea!!
Massive line!!
We then popped next door to 藍家割包 for 割包 (literally "cut-bun" or phonetically "koah-pao") and 四神湯 (literally "four gods soup"... :D ) which consists of 山藥 (Chinese Yam), 蓮子 (Lotus Seed), 茯苓 (Chinese Root) and 芡 (Foxnut)... Usually in Taiwan, this soup will have large intestine in it as well... We love our offal!! :D
 We wandered further and found 福州魚丸 ("Fuzhou" fish balls)... they are fish balls with a pork filling..
Fish ball soup
We ended out eating journey with 豆花 ("Tofu Flower" or Douhua).. a delicious desert made from soft silken tofu served with a peanut soup..
I think we spent a grand total of about NT$500 between the both of us... Around £10 and were both absolutely stuffed to the brim!! We split each dish between us rather than getting one each... you get to eat more stuff that way!!

At some stage we also ate some 水煎包 (Fried pork bun).. but we didn't sit to eat them so I didn't manage to take a photo... so here's one I found on google... they fry them on these big giant hot plates and they are the most delicious, fresh off the stove!!

And thus concludes our mini eating tour!! There were loads of other stuff that looked fantastic but we just didn't have any more room in our bellies to fit it all in!! 

Anything take your fancy??!! Is there anything you wouldn't eat??!! :D
xx Caz


  1. Did you have one while you were here??

  2. Everything looks so delicious! I would love to try Douhua. :)

  3. It's so delicious!
    :) And not too high in calories either as it's pretty much tofu! :)


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