Friday, 23 March 2012

I was featured!

Hi lovelies!!

It's been a while since I've visited my yelp account.. and I logged in today to reply to an event invitation and to check out what the yelpers in Edinburgh have been up to in my absence..

To my surprise, I found a 'compliment' by another user who said he'd spotted my review in the weekly newsletter!! How excitement!! Of course I had to try and find it!!! So after a brief search through the 'past newsletters'...
{click on the picture to be taken to the newsletter}

I know it's probably not a huge deal to some people who have LOADS of people who follow their blogs and get featured left, right and center on all sorts of super cool places... but it's a pretty big deal for me!! I don't think I've ever been featured anywhere before!!

Tho, Kampung Ali did "quote" me on their website from the review I did of their restaurant.. which you can read here... 

I've also been mentioned in a local newspaper about an anti littering campaign I made at university which was chosen to become billboards in the Hunua Gorge.. My partner got her picture in the paper as well, but I  had already left New Zealand when the article was written. YUP! I can say I've made billboards.. hmmm... maybe I'm a pretty huge deal after all....???  kidding!!

I've also had my picture in the NZ Herald three times (that I know of)... Once was for my school's centenary.. where they took a massive picture of everyone at the school.. another time was something else to do with school, which I don't remember now... and the third time was for an article about Asian students in Auckland.. where the photographer took me, and some other random Asian guy he'd found around campus, to McDonalds, bought us "lunch" and made us pretend like we knew each other and were having a great time.... yea.. it was about as awkward as you're imaging right now... NOT kidding!!

So there you have it.. all of my 5 seconds in the spotlight and claims to fame!! XD

xx CazWhat about you?? Have you ever been featured?? I'd love to hear about your claims to fame!!
ps. If you didn't know, yelp is a place where people go to review stuff... restaurants, shops, spas etc.. In Edinburgh, it's like a little community of people who love to eat, drink and have fun!! Yelp is currently in 13 countries.. from Australia to the United States.. stop by and check it out.. and if you're already a member.. add me as a friend!! You'll find me at 


  1. Last week, for my final afternoon with my seniors at primary school (in Japan) we had other English-speaking foreigners come 'round for a party of sorts. For some reason someone reporting for a newspaper in another prefecture came to take photos and we saw (though I have yet to translate it) the article in the next day or so!

    1. Fairly random! But awesome!! You've been in the newspaper in another country!! Would love to hear what the article says once you have it translated!!


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