Sunday, 22 April 2012

Saturday Steak Day & Sunday Funday!!

This weekend I :

❤ Laughed at this picture my friend posted on fb..

❤ Cooked a steak lunner for the momster and I to make up for the completely undelightful afternoon tea we ate on her birthday...

❤ Had a discussion about whether a post lunner meal, would be referred to as Dinack, Snaner, Supper, Snacker or Dsnack... (my vote is for Dinack... what's yours??) whatever you want to call it, this is what I ate (at 9pm)..

❤ Had lunch with a classmate and my two teachers from kindergarten... yup... kindergarten!! Catching up with them made my heart do a little happy dance... Thanks Mark Zuckerberg for providing the platform to reconnect~!! 
The last time I saw my teachers was 13 years ago, the last time I saw my classmate... might just have been kindergarten... he's now a teacher as well.. the only other person I have stayed in touch with (from kindy) is my friend JW, we met again in Vancouver in 2005.. she is the queen of staying in touch and is the one responsible for reuniting all of us on fb..!! JW and I were pen pals until ICQ & MSN came along... :)

❤ Set up my new toy and started the behemoth job of scanning and archiving old family photos... my butt will be parked on that couch for probably the next week!
Hooray for two laptops so I can at least play games and do other stuff while the scanner is doing its thang~!!
The momster also pulled out my baby album.. so you may just see some mini-me photos gracing these here pages in the near future...!!
xx Caz

What did you get up to this weekend??


  1. LOL I think ICQ and MSN made us stopped writing to each other. But I love you all these years. :)

    Visit me again soon ♥

    1. We should start writing letters again!! :)
      I think it's your turn to come visit me!! xx


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