Thursday, 26 April 2012

Internet Offerings...

Hello lovelies!!

I have spent the last four days, giving my new scanner quite the workout...  I have so far scanned over 1300 photos and still counting!!

This is what my 'workstation' starts to look like about 11pm...

It has been a roller-coaster of emotions looking through lots of old photos of my pa... though I'm happy to say, most of them have brought smiles rather than frowns... they make me miss him loads and wonder about all the adventures we would have embarked on together if he was still around...

Anywhos, the reason for this post is actually a few things that have surfaced on my fb newsfeed which have kept me sane and made me laugh when the routine of *open scanner, remove photos, place photos, close scanner* (repeat ad nauseum) were slowly making me lose the will to live...

The HemLoft
photo taken from their website

photo taken from their website
courtesy of Miss Jagiri who blogs over at I did tell you... 

taken from this fb group

Happy belated Administrative Professionals Day (for yesterday!)

xx Caz
How's your week going?? 
Glad it's almost Friday??
Have you come across any internet funnies lately??


  1. Cinco de Mayo pinata cookies?! How neat!

    1. I know hey??
      If only I had the patience or conviction to make them.... :D

  2. I miss you!!!!
    I'm glad we were in each other's childhood memories.


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