Thursday, 3 May 2012

Caz Monkeys Around on Facebook!

Hey lovelies!!

This blog has a new hangout~
Caz Monkeys Around on Facebook
just click on the photo to go~
Come 'like' my page on facebook!! Not only will you be in the know when I write a new post but you will also be privy to lots of extras.. you know all those cool things you see floating around on fb or the web and think, oh that'd be fun to share with my blog readers but then it feels kinda awkward to write a post about one tiny thing, well those are the kinds of things I share on my fb page.

I'm not very good at collecting things and doing a weekly round up like some blogs, I have so much traffic on my personal fb newsfeed that if I don't 'share' something straight away, it's often really hard for me to go back and find it, or remember who it was that posted it in the first place.

I could copy and paste onto blogger each time until I had collated enough to 'warrant a post' but, let's be honest.. I am just too freakin lazy lack that kind of motivation!

So, come join me on facebook and find a recipe for a delicious looking earl grey and chocolate cake, 50+ ways to wear a scarf or how one of these could help you keep loose cables tidy!!

Once I get back to doing outfit posts, you might even find some goofy out-takes on the fb page! I can't tell you what other goodies you'll find there in the future, but be sure to come along so you can find out for yourself!!
xx Caz

See you in FbLand!!

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