Saturday, 5 May 2012


Hey peeps!

I have been suffering some mad insomnia this past week.. I slipped back into the habit of being up until 3 or 4 am the couple of weeks before... but I have been awake until 7 or 8am the past few nights (mornings).. I made a concious effort to get to bed early... ie. by 2am.. but I just laid in bed with 10 million things going around and around in my head.. until I gave up the idea of sleep and did some writing in my journal and spent the rest of the hours reading... hoping that as my eyes got tired, my body and mind would too.... No such luck!

I let my mind run free and just wrote down each random thought as it came to me and one of the things I wrote was Blog. Blog More. Blog Often. So I shall try to endeavour to get some life back in this blog and catch you up on all the fun things I've been up to!!

I've lost a lot of steam for blogging lately and I can't really tell you why... I have all the time in the world, I've been on some fun adventures.. but I just haven't sat down and blogged about it... I was blogging a lot more when I was working.. probably because my days were more structured and I would work on posts if I had downtime at work. With no access to facebook... and its evil time sucking ways.. I was a lot more productive with my time online!

Another reason is that I've been wanting to make some changes to how the blog looks but hadn't really had  any inspiration about what I actually wanted to do... I didn't really have a vision when I first started this blog about what I wanted it to look like, so I just went through the paces that blogger gives you and chose what vaguely appealed to me at the time... and I haven't really made any changes since then... Although I think at its inception I actually had a black background, but I don't think that lasted very long! I began to really pay more attention to the layout and design of all the blogs I visit and started to take note of the things I liked or disliked about each page..

So, my insomnia fuelled project last night was to overhaul the blog... I made me a new header from some of the feedback I got from my lame attempts last time... I got rid of the leafy backdrop and even threw in a widget to get you connected with my new facebook page!

One more tweak I would like to make is the height of the navbar.. but I can't seem to figure out how to do it.. the only way blogger will let me is if I change the size of the font.. but I don't want the writing any smaller.. I just want the nav bar to be smaller while maintaining the font size! If anyone knows how I can do this.. please please please let me know!!

If you're reading this on google reader, come check out the blog's new look and have your turn on the soapbox! I've love to know what you think!!
xx Caz

Happy Weekending!!

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