Sunday, 6 May 2012

Me and my #firstworldproblems

Hey ya!

I am currently facing a conundrum... and it is absolutely a #firstworldproblem..
I am going to Turkey in June for the wedding of a good friend from NZ... I also have a ticket to see Pearl Jam in Manchester June 21st...

I will be road tripping around Turkey for about two weeks after the wedding.. ending up in Istanbul on the 21st June.. which is almost like fate is telling me to go to Pearl Jam.. is it not?? I can fly direct from Istanbul to Manchester the day of, and hit the concert that same night...

Or, I can give up my PJ ticket and stay on in Turkey and have time to explore Istanbul...

I put the question to my fb and the votes are about 50/50 at the moment about what people think I should do...

I am leaning towards Pearl Jam, as I've never seen them live and I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to see them in concert again... and Istanbul will still be there next trip right??!!

The other thing about going to see PJ is that I will get to hang out with Ms Sok, and what's not to like about spending time with a bff??!

xx CazSo my friends... what do you think I should do??!!
What would you do??

This picture cracks me up.. probably the best example of #firstworldproblems! Also appeals because I suck at Mario.. :D
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  1. Oh man, tough choice! I've never really listened to Pearl Jam, though, and I totally would love to see Istanbul, so I would probably choose to stay in Istanbul! :) Either option has great results, though, so I don't really think there's a wrong way to go.

    That first picture made me laugh out loud a little bit.

    1. It's pretty hilarious huh?

      The hardest decisions are always when there is no "right" or "wrong" choice!

  2. There is no question...Pearl Jam all the way! =)

    1. XD I like your decisiveness!! I am pretty much planning for Pearl Jam! Looks like Istanbul requires more than the 3 days my friends are staying for... just another reason to have to go back! ; )

  3. So I totally don't have an easy answer for you, but I have to say that graph is AMAZING! And SO true... I'm constantly complaining about something.. the other day I turned to the mister and told him that I needed to complain about something and couldn't think of anything... so I complained about that! Haha!

    Road tripping after a wedding sounds amazing! I have friends who are getting married in a year and I've basically appointed myself as the free wedding planner... I wonder if I could tag along for their honeymoon! In a separate room, of course... but still!

    So, I guess my vote is for more vacation time! =)

    <3 Biscuit

    1. I loved that you complained about having nothing to complain about! HAHA!!



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