Thursday, 3 May 2012

Final April Photo-a-day Round-up & May's Prompts

Hey lovelies,

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So Monday was the last day of April's photo-a-day challenge and aside from stacking a couple of days, I think I did pretty good! Here's the final round up of last month's photos..

Day 23. Vegetable {there was a discussion about what this vegetable IS... a friend suggested it was a marrow... which I think is correct, but upon asking wiki, it is actually a type of luffa as in "loofah"!}

My nana used to grow these and let them rot on the vine, then when they dried out, they became loofahs! Great for washing dishes as well as exfoliating your body!! When they're dried out, they look like....

Day 24. Something you're grateful for {yoga and the ability to practice at home} I first tried yoga when I was at university through a yoga'lates class I used to go to three times a week with the lovely miss Sok.. our instructors were seriously hilarious and made the class so fun. I've since practiced on and off for the last decade.. I love that it is something I am able to do at home if I'm not able to get to classes... I love being able to practice outdoors~

Day 25. Looking down {tootsies clad in my latest obsession - Sanuk shoes!}

Day 26. Black + white {an old photo I found of my pa while he was doing mandatory military service, I never knew that he played the guitar}

Day 27. Somewhere you went {cherry blossom viewing}

Day 28. 1pm {at my photo scanning work station} I scanned over 2100 photos in the course of a week.. there's more photos downstairs in the basement but we have decided to save those for another time...

Day 29. Circle

Day 30. Something that makes you sad {that my nana and pa aren't around anymore}

And there you have it!!

I am embarking on May's photo-a-day challenge...
Here are the prompts...
courtesy of Fat Mum Slim
xx Caz

How'd you think I did in April?
Are you playing too?

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