Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Yin & Gin!

It was bound to happen.. combining two major loves of my life and helpfully, they even rhyme! 😂

I finished my Yoga Teacher Training, focusing on Yin Yoga... so what better than to mix it up with some Gin tasting?!
The lovely Rachael from Panda Yoga Edinburgh, who has been a driving force behind me finally doing my YTT and getting me started on the road to teaching, was once again the motivation to make Yin & Gin a reality. (It helps that we did our YTT together and she also loves gin!)
I reached out to Solid Liquids (they're the people behind Juniper Festival in Edinburgh and Glasgow) to ask if they might know someone I could approach to help with some gin tasting notes and they offered to work with us and host the gin tastings! Never one to turn down help from experts in the field, I jumped at the opportunity.

So on a slightly grey chilly evening at the end of March, a group of gin loving yogis got together for an hour of chillaxin' yin.
Followed by 45 mins of gin tasting with Jamie from Solid Liquids.. We even managed to make a non-gin lover admit she liked the gin!

Our inaugural event was such a hit, we've decided to hold these classes monthly and hope to expand to other spirit tastings in future. We know not everyone​ shares our love of gin! (Though we think gin is like whisky.. there's so many out there, there's bound to be one you like.. You just need to try more gin! 😃)

You can find my yogi antics on Instagram under @yogawithcaz. I'll hopefully get some regular classes up and running once I'm back in Edinburgh, keep an eye on IG for updates!
Solid Liquids also hold Juniper Cruises, Beer Union Cruises and Whisky & Cheese cruises along the Union Canal. I've yet to check out the Whisky & Cheese cruise but have had two fantastic days out on the Juniper and Beer Union Cruises!

Read about my day out on Juniper Cruise here.

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