Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hi, My name is Caz and I'm an addict...

to Online Shopping!!!
It's an addiction... I admit it... the first step is to admit you have a problem right??!!

Apparently... if I were a trouser... I would look like
Trespass Caz Trouser in Wheatgerm
and if I were a shoe... I would be...
Pointer Caz Lace Up Leather Trainers in Yellow and Green
This one is for Mrs Biscuit, and any other kitteh lovers...
This is a t shirt I think I could make...
Great Plains
Short sleeve T Shirt with Chain Trim Shoulders in Black and Gold
These are some trousers I would LOVE
Nille Philbert Aya Silk Trousers
(if only they came in my size!)
These are the shoes I ordered today (you may be thinking... gosh.. she's bought a lot of shoes lately.. and I have... but read on!)
Firetrap Women's Biscuit Leather Sandals
(Mrs Biscuit! Take note, these are you if you were shoes!)

Remember this post?? The bag and shoes that I ordered (scroll down!)?? Well, after initially NOT being able to change the delivery to my work address.. because their website crashed about 4 times when I was putting my order through and somehow it went through with my home address as delivery... and them pretty much telling me there was nothing they could do because the order had been processed already.. (fine, fair enough, I've worked a call center before, it's a downer of the system... but at least offer me some form of compensation!) anyways... it showed as dispatched on the 26 March.. yesterday I got an email asking me to rate my items.. uhhh... I HAVEN'T received my items! 

So I emailed them again to alert them to the fact I haven't got my items... and I got an email back saying, "I can confirm your item has been lost in transit. Sorry for any inconvenience".  Uhhhh... so WHAT are you doing about it?? Do I get a refund?? Are you reshipping?? WTH??? So I email back to this effect.. and they were like, oh, we actioned a refund for you, it may take 7 days to show up in your account... no rhyme, no reason... I kinda wanted them to re ship coz I really liked that bag!!!

Long story short... Debenhams Online Store = CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP.... and I will never shop there again.. it's also making me not want to shop at their actual stores either... Bad customer service is just unacceptable to me...

Oh.. and if you were thinking that I'd also ordered these things... I only kept the dogtooth dress... the other two dresses fit terribly and the purple shoes cut me right at the back of the ankle whenever I walked... it also didn't have a zip up, and you just had to squish your feet into all that elastic... erm... not so much with the good!!

So I got them firetrap shoes to treat myself after the epic fails of my other online shopping efforts of late! And to be honest... I think they are my faves so far.. so I'm kinda glad the other ones didn't turn up and the other ones needed to be returned... I really hope they are awesome when they arrive.. otherwise I'm going to be disappointment PLUS!

Have you been shopping lately?? Do you show as little self restraint as me when it comes to shopping??!!

xx Caz


  1. Little kittens and Biscuit Leather Sandals! Win win win! Woohoo! I love it =)
    See, online shopping is good for something!


  2. I will take more photos once my shoes arrive.. I hope you're comfy!! :D


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